Let’s start with a little intro

Did you reach a point where you felt like… fuck I feel like I haven’t done enough?

I’m 26, living at home with parents (which I can’t complain about as it’s a lot cheaper!) and I do have a on-going career but I just felt like I wasn’t doing enough for me.

I have spent the majority of my education and career concentrating on ‘doing the right thing’ by going straight to University after College and then securing a job before I even finished University and that’s when my Marketing career began. I am now nearly 3 years into my second Marketing role, where I am Marketing Manager and I love it (ofc not every day, that would be insane right?!).

I am fortunate enough to have learnt so many lessons along the way which is why I wanted to start this blog. 

Nobody tells about ‘Impostor Syndrome or the constant questioning yourself of whether you can do this, yet everyone I have spoken to relates to this but to learn that I wasn’t alone in this I had to be first to say ‘this is hard’. That’s a change I want to make, I want to be the voice I wish I had heard from.

It’s ok to question if you’re good at your job, why?

Because if you didn’t you would never learn. If you constantly knew you were perfect at something then you’ve already made the decision that there is no space for you to learn and progress. 

It’s great to say ‘I need advice’, why?

One of the most valuable tools in my career are other people. During Lockdown I was very lucky to maintain my job and began working from home, I can admit that I struggled with not being surrounded by an office full of people. So I took to LinkedIn and I searched out various marketeers in similar industries, at first I just connected and followed their posts but eventually I began to engage with them which is where conversations started. The result? I have joined two business Whatsapp groups, featured on The Lonely Marketeers webinar and the Podcast (have a little listen) and it gave me so much confidence. This all stemmed from me taking down my own barriers and being genuine about how I felt within my Marketing career. 

So the point is, I want to start those conversations about how over whelming beginning a career can be.

I wish someone had been there to share their experience with me so here is mine and I hope it helps you feel a bit calmer and empowered to take on your career.

I can’t wait to get started, if slightly nervous about opening up but let’s go!

Like me and need to put a face to the name? Here I am on the rare occasion of pretending to be well put together, I would say less than 10% of the time!

Wine will always make me smile

4 thoughts on “Let’s start with a little intro

  1. I feel you, with being on track with ‘doing the right thing’! I also get those bouts of self-reflection on where I am in my career.. sometimes a little bit too often. I agree with you though, that the connections we make matters very much. It means a lot to know we’re well supported and that we have opportunities to explore and further build our strengths. Looking forward to more of your writings!

    Anna Jo | http://helloannajo.blogspot.com


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